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Bring Ancient Egypt into your Classroom this year!   

2017/18 TDSB Approved Educational Partner

Elementary teachers: inspire & enrich your students this year with Egyptologist-led workshops on everything from mummies to magic. Choose from many diverse topics, perfect to complement your curriculum: history, social studies, languages, arts & drama – and leave your kids engaged and amazed! 

Learn about pharaohs, pyramids, mummies…
…and all great things ancient Egyptian.

  • Write like an Egyptian: Learn the basics of Hieroglyphs- the history & how to write the alphabet. Each student will complete the session by writing his/her name in a cartouche.
  • Mummy Mania: An eerie and intriguing look at Egyptian mummies: The history, the methods and the meaning with lively mummification demonstration and cool objects.
  • The Egyptian Pyramid: Learn about the amazing pyramids of Egypt –Penetrate the secrets behind the wonders – and get into the minds of the Pharaohs
  • Egyptian Art: Learn the special way the ancients drew and carved reliefs. We’ll look at their tools and talents and analyze some great works of Egyptian art. Then draw our own.
  • Egyptian Gods: Meet the colourful pantheon of Egyptian gods – mainly animals. Learn what special role they each played. Then, let’s do a fun craft(mask) and/or drama workshop.
  • Egyptian Drama and Magic: Drama and recitals were an integral part of Egyptian culture – and thought to help in magical transformation – like the journey to the afterlife – Let’s become gods and goddesses and act out some fun Egyptian myths, readings and rituals.
  •  “So you want to be an Archaeologist?”: Let our expert share real-life adventures of digging under the sands of Egypt . Learn what it’s really like to work on an archaeology dig!
  • Plus: Kings/queens, nature, myths, religion, land & river, cosmos & more (custom workshops on demand)

PRICING: $500 a half day; $750 a day ($250 for an individual workshop)

“Laura Ranieri from Ancient Egypt Alive helped create and deliver authentic and dynamic programming during our annual Unwrapping Egypt Education Week. She was a wealth of knowledge and helped to augment our offerings to make an incredibly great week for the students.”

Anna Wilson

Manager of Education Programs, THEMUSEUM

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