Feed your Fascination with Ancient Egypt

Join us for some wonderful ancient Egypt learning adventures online. We have a full calendar of great learning events and engrossing lectures coming up for the passionate Egyptophile – and curious learner alike! All levels welcome.

 Sunday, January 3 3:00PM – 430 PM

SECRETS OF EGYPT REVEALED: New Discoveries, Ancient Wonders

From new excavations in the works at the Giza Pyramids… to 4500 year old tombs at Sakkara, temple finds at Amarna… and ancient mummies in the hills of Aswan. Get a New Year’s roundup of what is happening in Egyptian archaeology during these exciting times with new tools available — And learn about the upcoming opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum too!

Thursday, Jan 21, 2:00pm – 8:30pm

Canadians on the Nile: The ROM, Mummies and early exploration in Egypt

Travel back in time with Egyptologist Laura Ranieri Roy to relive the adventures of the early explorers who ventured down the Nile in the Victorian and Edwardian age. What wonders did they bring back from the Land of the Pharaohs?

Wednesday, Feb 17 – 7:00pm – 830pm

Akhenaten: Mad Tyrant or Tragic Hero

Whichever side of the fence you are on about his legacy, there is more drama in his story than perhaps any other from Ancient Egypt. His great wife of course is almost equally fascinating – the great beauty Nefertiti. And his son was no other than King Tut!

Kid suitable for March break! 

Tuesday March 16 – 7:00pm -830pm 

Egyptian Hieroglyphs 101: Write Like a Pharaoh!

Ever wish you could decipher the strange language of Pharaohs? This unique workshop will provide a window into the world of ancient writing. Discover the history of the language and learn the alphabet, king names and some fascinating words .

Wednesday, April 14 

Cairo – The Story of A Vibrant Victorious City!

Come learn the story of this most ancient, colorful, and multifaceted of cities. The seat of pharaohs and sultans, the prize of conquerors from Alexander to Saladin to Napoleon. Cairo, known as “Al Qahirah or “the Victorious” one, has a tale that must be heard!

Wednesday, April 28

Tutmania: The great discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun

Let’s embark on a journey back 100 years ago, when the world became enraptured with the treasures of Tut. Learn about the discovery of Tutankhamen and how it influenced the world around him in the 1920s…. all the way until today, almost a century later!

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