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What’s Happening with Ancient Egypt Alive?

Join us for some wonderful ancient Egypt learning adventures online. We have a full calendar of great learning events and engrossing lectures/courses coming up for the passionate Egyptophile – and curious learner alike! All levels welcome!

Canadians on The Nile: The ROM, Mummies and Early Exploration in Egypt

Jan 21 7-830pm EST

Pyramids of Egypt: Meaning, Making, and Metaphor – 6 week course

Sunday January 31 to March 7, 6 lectures: $7

An in-depth Egyptologist led course that unravels age-old mysteries around the pyramids of Egypt. Who built them, how, when — and why?

Akhenaten: Mad Tyrant or Tragic Hero

Feb 17 7-830pm EST

Don’t miss an enlightening presentation on one of Egypt’s most fascinating and  debated characters: King Akhenaten, the heretic pharaoh!

The Valley of the Kings: Exploring Egypt’s Most Famous Tombs

Mar 7 2-3pm EST

Hear the enthralling story of the great King’s Valley – home to the Tut tomb, and the burial ground of Egypt’s New Kingdom Pharaohs!

Secrets of Egypt Revealed

Feb 13, 2021 1-3pm

Learn about exciting new discoveries in Egypt in the last year/s. What secrets have emerged from under the sands? What new sites open soon?

Egypt Alive Virtual Tour, February 28th, 1pm – 3pm

Come travel down the Nile with us – an interactive FREE journey to Egypt with Laura and Anna – and Hossam, our man in Cairo.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs 101: Write Like a Pharaoh! Mar 16 7-830pm EST

An exciting introduction to Ancient Egyptian writing. Learn the history of Hieroglyphs and the alphabet in this adult & kid-friendly event

Cairo – The Story of A Vibrant Victorious City! Apr 14 7 – 830pm EST

The exciting story of Al Qahirah – Cairo – the City victorious: Its origins, triumphs and tragedies over almost a millennia and a half!.

Tutmania: The great discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun Apr 28 7-830pm EST

 An exciting talk on the discovery of Tut’s tomb in 1922 — and the aftermath of Carter, Carnaervan’s discovery. How did  this most glorious archaeological milestone change the world?

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