Need an engaging speaker on Ancient Egypt for your event, meeting, library or cultural institution?

Our lively and knowledgeable speakers have captivated audiences across Ontario and beyond.

We have presented on topics including: 

  • Pyramids Temples and Tombs Alive 
  • Mummy Mania – Unwrapping the secrets of Egypt’s Dead 
  • Read and Write Like an Egyptian Hieroglyphs Workshop 
  • 1000 Miles Up the Nile – Armchair voyage to EgyptCanadians on the Nile 
  • Fashion, Fantasy and Tutmania in the 1920s
  • Akhenaten: Mad Tyrant or Tragic Hero
  • Enter the Temples: a Journey into Ancient Egypt's Great Sacred Spaces 
  • Cairo: Ancient Gateway to Egypt’s Wonders 
  • Making Mummies (Mummy workshop for kids) 

Youth education


Youth education

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