20 Days of Tut. Day 7: Anubis Shrine

Apr 17, 2020

20 Days of Tut Treasures. Day 7: The Anubis Shrine. Ah yes, one of my favourites as a dog lover. It is a stunning painted black wooden statue of the famous Anubis,, God of mummification and the afterlife that Carter found guarding the entrance to Tut’s Treasury. As one writer said “It served as an Egyptian ‘No Trespassing’ sign that promised eternal retribution to those who defied it.”. You can see how Anubis was originally wrapped in a shawl/shirt that actually had a cartouche of Tut’s dad the heretic King Akhentaten. (Many of these treasures may originally have been crafted for Akhenaten and Nefertiti.) The gilded shrine was hollow, and held other treasures associated with prosperity, fertility and rebirth, including blue amulets and baboon (thoth) statuettes…

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