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An exhilarating virtual tour of the land of the pharaohs. Come visit Cairo, Giza, Sakkara, Luxor, Aswan – and Amarna — and experience Egypt online and in person this year!

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At Ancient Egypt Alive, we also work to make an impact. Egypt is by no means a wealthy country. Today its more than 100 million residents struggle to eke out a living for their family. Egypt depends heavily on its tourism – its number one industry – which has taken a hit with the revolution and now the pandemic. We try to do our part.

Pyramids and Temples Alive – with Abu Simbel!

Be awestruck at the Giza Pyramids: See the Sphinx, Solar boat, Old Kingdom tomb(s) and enter inside one of the Great Pyramids to connect viscerally to thousands of years of history

Inside Abu Simbel

Inside Denderah

Laura at the Sphinx

Qubbet El Hawa

Red Pyramid

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Immerse yourself in the wonders of Egypt on a deluxe and in-depth small group tour.

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Our lively and knowledgeable speakers have captivated audiences across Ontario and beyond.

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Experience world-class Egypt collections in vibrant cities across North America.

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Secrets of Egypt: Saqqara, Saites and Sarcophagi

Secrets of Egypt: Saqqara, Saites and Sarcophagi

Lifting the Lid on the Late Period Mummy Finds Who were these dead Egyptians? And why were they buried at Saqqara Egypt? By Laura Ranieri Roy Yet another massive cache of breathtaking ancient treasures was revealed from under the sands of Egypt… this January at the...

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Five Exciting Discoveries in Egypt 2020

Five Exciting Discoveries in Egypt 2020

It’s been a year of record-shattering discoveries. Across Egypt in 2020, archaeologists continued project work through 2020 in pursuit of science, culture preservation — and in hot anticipation of a major onslaught of tourism… mere months or a single year away. Here are a few of the most notable milestones in Egyptian archaeology that were hit in the infamous year of the pandemic…

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Egyptian Mummies Show Gets “Unmasked”

Egyptian Mummies Show Gets “Unmasked”

The ROM is coming to life again – thanks to some long-dead visitors. And even, if we have to keep our masks on for a while longer, it’s nice to know that six ancient mummies from Egypt (via jolly old England) are ‘digitally’ unwrapped and on display to be enjoyed. They’re here, along with their stunning coffins and select masterpieces of Egyptian funerary arts spanning 3000 years of history as part of Egyptian Mummies: Ancient Lives, New Discoveries.

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“THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener worked in partnership with Laura Ranieri, from Ancient Egypt Alive, to help create and deliver authentic and dynamic programming during our annual Unwrapping Egypt Education Week. She was a wealth of knowledge and helped to augment our offerings to make an incredibly great week for the students.”

Anna Wilson

Manager of Education Programs, THEMUSEUM

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