It is our mandate to inspire passion in Egypt’s past. From educational learning seminars to interactive museum tours, our participants become very familiar with ancient Egypt. Check out below a collection of our event photos.

Learning Seminars

Discovering Hatshepsut – May 2015

One of Egypt’s most well-known queens took centre stage as UofT’s Dr Pouls Wegner and the ROM’s Gayle Gibson examined the famous Hatshepsut. (Photos: Rob Faucher)

Gods, Temples, and Tombs – Sep 2014

As part of our first Learning Seminar, Dr Andrew Bednarski guided us on an hour-long journey from tombs to temples, telling us all about his work of the last three years in ancient Thebes. (Photos: Rob Faucher)

Museum Visits

Visit to Kitchener – Nov 2014

We went to Kitchener to see the ‘Unwrapping Egypt’ exhibit and Thomas also gave a talk on his recent trip to Egypt.

‘Gift of the Nile’ Exhibit Visit – Jan 2014

For a quick day-trip to Niagara Falls, we took participants on a tour of the ‘Gift of the Nile’ exhibit on display with the ROM’s very own, Gayle Gibson.

Other Events

Pharaoh’s Feast – Dec 2014

Celebrating the holidays at Maha’s Fine Egyptian Cuisine in Toronto, we had scrumptious Egyptian food and heard about Egyptian and Coptic holiday traditions. (Photos: François Roy)