Partners & Friends

gayle best
Guest Lecturer Gayle Gibson is a respected Canadian Egyptologist and a Research Associate at the Royal Ontario Museum. She worked for over 20 years as a popular teacher, lecturer and Egypt specialist at the ROM and appears frequently on television as a “guest expert”. Her main enthusiasm as an Egyptologist is for mummies and their coffins. She has published articles on coffins and has lectured widely on mummies and coffins. It was also Ms. Gibson who was largely responsible for correctly identifying Pharoah Ramses I among the mysterious mummies at the old Niagara museum and getting him on the road home to Luxor, after centuries away from Egypt.

Thomas Greiner

Thomas H. Greiner  cofounded Ancient Egypt Alive with Laura Ranieri in 2013. Today, he is an Egyptologist pursuing his PhD in Ancient Near Eastern Studies in the department of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations at the University of Toronto. He led the Vancouver chapter of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities for two years, where he generated great interest in this fascinating culture in the city. He taught Egyptology courses in the Continuing Education departments of the University of British-Columbia and Simon Fraser University. As a graduate of UBC (B.A. in Classical Archaeology) in 2001, he continued his studies at the University of Liverpool.