About Us

Welcome ancient Egypt history lovers!

Ancient Egypt Alive! seeks to celebrate Egypt’s great past and to educate through a variety of vibrant and interactive learning events, happenings, tours, fundraising efforts and creative resources. Our goal is to raise awareness, support and enthusiasm about Egyptology with the general public, students, teachers, travelers, readers, die-hard Egyptophiles and ancient history geeks in Canada and abroad.

Supporting current Archaeology work & sites

Another part of our mission is to spread knowledge and seek fundraising support for current archaeology missions, digs, museums and projects in need in modern Egypt today. Due to recent downturn in tourism and the lack of funding for archaeological projects, many key sites are in grave danger and much important archaeological work has been drastically scaled back, or halted altogether. We hope to do what we can to spread awareness and action to make a difference

Celebrating Canadians in Egypt

As a Canada-based society, we also hope to celebrate our own century(s)-old connection with ancient Egypt. Canada has been the birthplace of many great Egyptologists and is also the foreign home to some spectacular objects and collections. Our aim is to spotlight this proud association.

Who We Are

Ancient Egypt Alive!  is led by Egyptologist Laura Ranieri and  Egypt travel expert Anna MacKay. Laura is an accomplished writer and speaker who is completing her post-graduate degree at the University of Toronto’s Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations Department. Laura (along with co-founder  Egyptology PHD candidate, Thomas Greiner) was fuelled with a desire to share a personal passion about Egypt, having studied, spoken and written on the subject intensely. Anna has sent hundreds of people to Egypt  and led many groups around the world, as owner of the adventure travel company, Your Journey. Like Laura, she  is a museum lover and lifelong learner of all things history and Egyptology.

Ancient Egypt should not be dull and ‘stuffy’. We recognize a real need to celebrate and educate on this fascinating topic in a dynamic and engaging manner for learners of all levels. We strive to produce interactive content and to attract and include a wider public with no scholarly background. Our aim is to infuse excitement, inspiration, and fun into ancient Egyptian history – with a little dash of charity, too, as there is hope to raise awareness and much-needed funds for archaeological projects in Egypt.

Mission Statement

  • To generate excitement, education and interest in ancient Egyptian archaeology, history, and language.
  • To create rare and vibrant ancient Egypt learning opportunities that include interactive educational seminars, tours , fundraising events and media resources.
  • To celebrate Canadian Egyptology and Egyptologists.
  • To raise awareness of and to support current archaeological projects in Egypt.